Cadbury - Options Belgian Drink Downsize

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Update by user Oct 11, 2013

Sorry Cadbury - I now see that Options is an Ovaltine product!

Original review posted by user Oct 02, 2013

Having bought and enjoyed a 220G jar of this hot drink I went back to the supermarket for a replacement and bought a same size, new jar but this time offering 50% extra free - well at least physically so it turned out!

Having almost finished the old jar, I thought I would decant the remains into the new jar - but wondered if there would be space - I opened the new jar and found it to by 80% full ( I think Cadburys would say due to "settling").

I then checked the weights - old jar 200g new jar ( 50% free!) 198g.

I re read the 50% offer banner - in smaller lettering and to the side ( supermarkets proudly show all product full on so not immediately visible on the shelf) it sais 198g instead of 135g.

I am sure this is factually correct but this type of manipulative marketing is totally abhorrent to me.

It is of note that both jars have the same sell by - 11.2014 and consecutive batch numbers.

I have sent in a formal complaint - just wondering what weasel words will come back in response.

Review about: Manipulative Marketing.

Found a rat bone in cadburys chocolate

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I was eating some cadbury's peanuts on the 25Th of October 2012 and I came across something hard to chew spat it out and it was some kind of bone covered in chocolate. After looking on the internet I found a picture of the exact bone (it was a rat bone) i contacted cadburys and was told to send the bone in the post but i a worried they will get rid of the bone or try to say they did not receive it if I do that so what do I do? and am I entitled to compensation?



go to cadburys world and work there to find out if cant go to work there then persuade or just find out the products and find out if you get a job there

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom #943057

Go to the police, they will support you in this time of need. if that fails just go into cadburys HQ and sort them out

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